What happened? Today the Minecraft movie was going to be released and fans are making fun of it

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The day has come! It’s already March 4, 2022, so if an official tweet from Mojang is to be believed, the movie from Minecraft It should already be in theaters being a true box office success. Wait, in theaters there is no premiere of Minecraft, what happened? What happens is that the tape had problems and the plans changed. While we’ve known that for a while, that hasn’t stopped fans from scoffing.

What happens is that the community remembered a tweet that the official account of Minecraft made on April 16, 2019. In it, Mojang announced that the film of Minecraft was on the way and that its theatrical release would be on March 4, 2022.

“The dates. They are important, because they allow us to clear our calendars for exciting events, no, MONUMENTAL. Like the next movie Minecraft, who finally has one! March 4, 2022. Just around the corner!” states Mojang’s tweet.

Taking into account that we are already on the first release date and that we do not even have the first trailer for the film, the community decided that it was best to make fun of it. So, fans began to share the tweet with ridicule, assuring that they already saw it and making deep criticism of what seems to be the most divisive film of the year.

We leave you some of the jokes below:

If you check the retweets that the post has, you will see that we only scratched the surface and that the community has given everything to make it a viral topic.

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what happened to the movie Minecraft?

It is worth mentioning that, for years, we have not known anything about the film of Minecraft. Let us remember that at the beginning of 2020 he changed directors. Later, in October of the same year it was confirmed that she was delayed indefinitely. In this way, creative problems and the pandemic caused problems in its development.

Now, it is important to make it clear that, until now, it has not been said that the film of Minecraft going to be cancelled. So, there is a possibility that we will see it in theaters at some point in the next few years.

And you, do you think we will see the movie of Minecraft? Do you think it meets expectations?

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