What did Cain Velasquez do? Reveal moments of the shooting. VIDEO

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the legend of the UFC Cain Velásquez is in prison facing ten charges against him, after last Monday shot at a car where a subject was going (Harry Goularte) who allegedly sexually abused a relative of his.

However, in the last few hours, the US television network NBC Bay Area, released the video of the Cain Velásquez attackwhich ise hit during a car chase at Morgan Hill in Santa Clara, California.

In the Videa that was captured by a citizen with his cell phone, you can see the chase in the distance, which it is seen on a highway and where two cars are going at full speed; in it, according to the Californian authorities, Cain Velasquez was shooting and collided with his Ford F-250 into a Chevy Silverado truck to then continue to open fire.

He did not hit his target

According to reports from the authorities, Cain Velasquez He was alone in his truck, while Harry Goularte (sexual aggressor) was accompanied by his mother and stepfather, being the latter who received the bullet impactsalthough fortunately his health was not in danger.

The charges imputed to Caín Velásquez

According to the American portal TMZ Sports, among the charges that are imputed to the former UFC fighter are: attempted first degree murder, as well as multiple counts of assault with a deadly weapon and shooting at an occupied motor vehicle, among others; so to be condemned, “Cain faces decades of priZion.

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