They uncover why Vergara’s eggs are shaking… to fire Leaño de Chivas

They uncover why Vergara is trembling to fire Leaño
They uncover why Vergara is trembling to fire Leaño

In recent days important decisions have been made regarding the fate of the most prominent clubs in Mexico, America fired Santiago Solari of the institution and Javier AguirreHe also left the Rayados.

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Two coaches with a great poster, but who ultimately ended up leaving their teams for the same issue. Lack of performance. In this context, it is now uncovered why Amaury Vergara The issue of taking out the DT trembles.

It is that Solari and the FEMSA board made the decision from the economic side, however, there is another aspect for which they will never remove FEMSA Marcelo Michel Leanowho continues as coach of Chivas.

Why is Vergara afraid to remove Leaño from Chivas?

According to the Peloteros PQ report, coach Marcelo Michel Leaño would have even contributed money, all in order to contribute to Chivas and try to help the team get ahead. For this reason, Vergara does not take it out.

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