They uncover the low blow with which Leaño took Vucetich out of Chivas

Leaño's low blow to Vucetich
Leaño’s low blow to Vucetich

Coach Victor Manuel Vucetich has a new destiny, but how he got out of Chivas Now it does draw a lot of attention. It is that despite the fact that he had won, despite the fact that Chivas was in recovery, but that his game was not convincing, the DT had the team well.

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In that sense, Vucetich himself uncovered the issue of why he was removed from Guadalajara and the moves that were made for the strategist to leave and enter Marcelo Michel Leaño. The coach had pointed out at the time that the out vuce It was orchestrated by a certain sector of the fan who was paid to encourage people and who arrived after his departure, yes Marcelo Michel Leaño.

This is how the coach, in silence, was the one who orchestrated the departure of the strategist Vucetich, who, yes, had problems in sports, but at the end of the day, had a better team than the current Chivas coach.

Why was Leaño interested in the DT position?

According to the report by Peloteros PQ, the issue would go through an economic aspect, through a dependency of Vergara on Leaño, who would have put money to support the chiverío.

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