The new DT that Alfredo Tena would bring if they give him the presidency of America

The DT that would come from the hand of Alfredo Tena to America
The DT that would come from the hand of Alfredo Tena to America

America was left without a coach after the cessation of Santiago Solari, but it would also leave the position of the sports presidency vacant, all this after the pressure of results that the team has. before this Alfredo Tena would be chosen to replace Santiago Baths.

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If he Captain Fury take the reins of America, his first task would be to bring in a coach who would allow him to lift the team from its foundations. Although countless names have sounded, that of Ricardo La Volpe as a firm strategist he is one of the strong ones.

However, Alfredo Tena must also await the approval of the higher-ups of the America. The coach you like the most is Nicholas LarcamonPuebla’s current coach and who would already have approaches with the azulcremas.

Will new players arrive for the Opening?

It is evident that in the America A general cleaning of the squad is coming, several players would not be comfortable in the squad and therefore in the summer market they would be transferable positions in order to find them a new team.

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