Julio César Chávez agrees to send “Junior” to rehabilitation

Julio Cesar Chavez and his family give again what to talk about. And it is that this occasion the “great mexican champion” He released a video on his social networks in which he talks about his son, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr..

All this because the followers of the ‘Junior‘ began to question his absence from his social networks, since he is usually very active on his profiles, given this, his father came out to give the reason for his ‘disappearance’.

“To all my friends who have asked about my son JulyI want to tell you that my son is in good hands. He is in a recovery program. First of all, God will soon be fine, he will be able to talk to all of you. For all of you who are wondering where my son is, he’s not kidnapped, he’s not missing, none of that. My son is recovering and very soon he will give information,” he said. Julio Cesar Chavez.

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Chavez Junior He has had several addiction problems, which have tainted his boxing career. The 36-year-old boxer fought in December 2021 and defeated David Zegarra. His last appearance on his social networks was on February 25, where she appears training.

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