Jorge Pietrasanta on Álvaro Morales: “He is hateful and disgusting”

the sports announcer Jorge Pietrasanta revealed in the podcast ‘From the Reda’ Part time’, that the character of controversial ‘ESPN’ panelist Álvaro Morales is “disgusting”.

“His character is sour. I don’t like Álvaro so badly, I can tell you that I like Alvarito, but the character of Álvaro Morales is hateful and disgusting”.

Pietrasanta talked about whether or not there is a script when they go into debate on programs like ‘Futbol Picante’, and shared one of the moments in which Morales almost drove him out of his wits.

Álvaro Morales in action with 'ESPN'

“When the one at the table is Alvaro Moralesyou know where the controversy or the most heated debate can go, but script There is not and yes there are moments of bad relationship. Being on the air, I was nowhere near lying to Álvaro Morales’s mother and in a cut I told him just like that: ‘Listen to me, dude! The thing doesn’t go that way ‘because his character is sour’.

The former narrator of WWE on Mexicoassured that the programs remain in words and he has never had to see any type of physical aggression, although the adrenaline that emanates from the forum is undeniable.

“There have never been blows, that the dimes and diretes continue, the anger and the adrenaline out of the air, yes, but it has never touched me that they come to blows. There have been strong lawsuits such as ‘You are stupid’ or some of Faitelson with paco gabrielbut never physical aggression.

Rafa Puente, Álvaro Morales, Jorge Pietrasanta and Dionisio Estrada in 'Spicy Soccer'


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