It does not take place in Tigres, it enters against Cruz Azul and they point it out for the shameful draw

Bryan Angulo and Diego Reyes dispute a ball
Bryan Angulo and Diego Reyes dispute a ball

Appearance defensive has been a point to work for the university team as it has received a goal in everyone the games and had been close to to lose advantages of one or more goals, a situation that concrete this Wednesday against Cruz Azul at the University Stadium.

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Despite taking advantage in the first minutes of the matches, Tigres has lacked knowing handle the parties and not get upset tactically after the changes, a situation that occurred on Wednesday in the goal scored by Ignacio Rivero for Cruz Azul and who gave him the tie to the machine.

It was at minute 62 that Igor Lichnovsky I enter in exchange for Diego Reyes and it was the Chilean himself who lost Rivero’s mark for wanting to cover Santiago Gimenez. After that move failed the sky blue player he was left alone against Nahuel Guzmán and signed the equalizer for the Cruz Azulinos.

ask a historical

There are several games in which Miguel Herrera has given entry to Igor Lichnovsky in central defense for close the games and everything has happened contraryreason why the fans in social networks request that the historical Hugo Ayala have more participation in the field. Ayala has not played in everything that goes of this contest.

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