And they say big, the new DT that Chivas wants, while America goes for Crespo

The difference between Chivas and America in the selection of coaches
The difference between Chivas and America in the selection of coaches

On Chivas there is no reaction and still without winning, this time he drew against Athletic Saint Louis where Marcelo Michel Leano, celebrated as if it were the final of the Mexican tournament. Inside the Flock they analyze the change in DT.

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The player who disappointed Michel Leaño the most in Chivas after the duel with San Luis

But the directive headed by Amaury Vergara, again wants to lower costs and would look for a coach from the Expansion League. Everything indicates that they would bet on Richard Chainstrategist of Tapatio FC.

In the politics of Chivas would be not making strong investments, this has been reflected by the refusal to bring reinforcements, as happened decades ago. Now him Flock It would no longer act as a TOP team, but would take care of its economy, sacrificing the sports part.

While Chivas goes for a DT from the second, America bets big

Quite the opposite with the patio in front, Americawhich before the drought of results, ceased to Santiago Solari and now they would go for Hernan CrespoArgentine coach who won the Copa Sudamericana and was for Italian and Brazilian football.

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