Santos took the victory against Pumas in the midst of controversy

One of the best matches that have been seen in the current tournament was the one that Saints and Cougarssince between the two they ended up scoring five goals, although in the end it was Keep who took the victory and with that they came out of the bottom of the General Table and they gave him his place in the basement America. And although the University ended up losing, it was a good thing that finally, on Matchday 8, Juan Ignacio Dinenno scored a goal in MX League.

With one Santos yes at the bottom of the General Table, but motivated by their most recent victory (1-2 over Blue Cross), was how Pumas visited the Crown Stadium in Torreon; however, the excitement began early in the game because both teams began to generate danger in the rival areas, until the effort gave them results, as goals began to fall for both sides.

college hit first. It was at minute 27 and with what already seems to be the new ‘seal of the house’, the central Arthur Ortiz He finished off with a header and put Pumas ahead. Although the auriazul advantage did not last long, because at the minute, a mistake by the feline midfielder Leonel Lopezended with an own goal that tied the game at one.

And although time passed, there was no clear dominator of the match, since the two teams were insistent, dangerous and with an evident hunger for triumphbut nothing was reflected in the marker.

After 50 minutes of play, the VAR appeared in the Corona, because the referee Macias had decided to expel defending feline Ricardo Galindo for a foul outside the area, but in the end the whistler watched the play and everything was in admonition.

And at minute 71, again supported by the VAR, the referee awarded a penalty against Pumas for an alleged handball wheatsand Fernando Gorriaran He did not forgive, he took the maximum penalty and put those from La Laguna ahead.

Santos vs Pumas in action

The goals continued to fall. And at 77 minutes the light seemed to reach Pumas because Juan Ignacio Dinenno finally scored in the MX League in 2022; the auriazul ‘Commander’ was in charge of scoring the second auriazul goal, although he still hadn’t finished celebrating when Harold Precious he scored the third goal that gave Santos the victory, and with that he left the general basement to leave it to the America.


Pumas players react to the match

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