Fifpro confirms the death of two Ukrainian footballers in the war

The conflict with Russia affects Ukrainian society at all levels and athletes are no exception

The general secretary of fifpro, Jonas Baer-Hoffmanconfirmed at a conference in London that two Ukrainian footballers have died during the war in the country. Baer–Hoffman spoke during a sport summit organized by the Financial Times and confirmed that the situation of the players in Ukrainecountry invaded by Russiais “desperate”.

“Honestly, it is very difficult to detail how the situation is right now. We had 400 foreign players in Ukraine and nobody can tell you how many of them are still in the country. We know that two Ukrainian players have died in the war. We are doing what we can, but the situation is desperate,” said the manager.

Ceferin: “A player left Ukraine and came to my house”

Alexander Ceferinpresident of the UEFAHe told a Financial Times conference in London that, with the start of the war, he had to be on the phone for 48 hours with Ukrainian players and coaches to help them leave the country.

Ceferinwhich participates in a conference in which they are also cited Javier ThebesPresident of The leagueand Andrea Agnell, president of Juventus from Turin, also added that he welcomed a Ukrainian player into his home.

“Nobody expected that a war like this would happen in Europe. I spent 48 hours talking to players and coaches to help them and to be able to leave Ukraine. We have been in contact 24 hours a day,” he said. Ceferin.

“I have spoken with the governments so that they can help, but they cannot always because security cannot be guaranteed. It is difficult to explain how hard these conversations have been. One of the footballers left Ukraine and came to my house. We have to work very hard on our side. Hopefully the war and this madness will end as soon as possible,” he added.

The president of the UEFA also spoke about the super league and was “fed up” with the subject. “It’s that talking about the super league It’s not about football. I’m sick of this. When we get together and work together, they come to us with this. This is all nonsense,” he added.

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