Efraín Juárez gives keys to the rise of MLS: fewer names, more talent

Near the 30th anniversary of its foundation (December 17, 1993), the Major League Soccer is in a maturity stage that has led her to forget about attracting old world football figures to form their own, thanks to a project that not only serves to nurture its 28 clubs with players, but alsoe has helped to become an exporter of talent.

Today the mls who just announced the signing of Tricolor captain Héctor Herreraat 31 years of age, can presume that the organizations that comprise it are full of young people with projectionbut also that players trained in their inferiors are already distributed along Europeeven in top leagues and clubs with cases like those of Alphonso Davis (Bayern Munich), Weston McKennie (Juventus) and Zack Steffen (Manchester City), among others.


A few days ago, the Brazilian Neymar commented that he would like to play in the championship shared between United States and Canada before hanging up the boots, although the commissioner Don Garber was quick to react to mention that “MLS is not for retirement”in a sample of the course by which they leaned and that all clubs must respect.

Efrain Juarezyouth squad Cougarsformer national team player and today technical assistant to Ronny Deyla in the champion New York City F.C.lives that way of working from the inside and explained, in an interview for Mediotiempo, that it has not been easy to take that leapsince there is an unparalleled effort behind it to attract talent in a country of 330 million inhabitants, in which many young people still want to be players of the NFL, NHL wave NBAbefore soccer players.

All clubs manage a scouting system at the national level; you can’t get enough, all teams do it to try to get talent, “he shared Juarez.

The standards today focus on having young players with a lot of potential., a replacement for the future; those players of 33 or 34 years who came to retire there are no longerthere are fewer and fewer players with big names, but yes you see more talented playersprospects, but that it is part of the rules and structure of the MLS”.


As a player and now as an assistant, Juarez had the opportunity to meet two soccer players who are two great examples of the work that makes the North American circuit and today they are important in the Old continentas are the Canadian Alphonso Daviswhom he met in vancouverand to the American side joe scallyyoung man who was bought in 2020 by the BOrussia Monchengladbach with only one game played in the mls.

“Obviously Davies had incredible physical potential, technically quite goodalthough it was not at that time his greatest virtue. Bayern Munich saw itphysically he was a wonder, fast, strong, powerful, back and forth, resistant and they say ‘come here’, six or seven months polish him up and make him one of the best full-backs in the world”, he recounted Juarez.

In the case of Scallynoted that the ‘gladbach‘ also saw him “a physical potential”which added to the fact that he speaks English, that he is used to the cold, that he is well fed and belongs to a culture in which sports culture is well entrenchedso it would be limited to fine-tuning tactical and technical issues.

Hence the reason for everything. Today we see all those examples that the United States has with players who compete today at any level in Europe. They go and compete, they go and do not clash”.

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