Chupa Chups gave 1 million dollars to Messi per commercial; Esqueda accepted pallets

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There is no doubt that the life and luxury that can be given world class soccer players is very different to those of the MX Leagueat least in terms of Enrique Escoda refers, because he told a very peculiar anecdote, where Messi rejected a commercial and 1 million dollars from Lollipops for ‘being tired’; he accepted for a few bags of popsicles.

It goes without saying that the salaries of the european stars surpasses much to the players of the MX League, that is why they can reject large amounts of money. Enrique Esqueda was surprised and in that moment ‘I wanted to be like Messi’. Paleta begged Ronaldinho to give him his shirt.

Messi rejected a commercial against Paleta Esqueda

In the program ‘Tikitaka’, the Palette Esqueda remembered that in his stage as a footballer had to go to Barcelonafor recover from injury. At that moment she met the Messi’s dadwho received an important call.

“I had a case, when Trip to Barcelona to rehabilitate the sole of my foot, and the people from the MVP who make the videos of the game analysis of people from Barcelona, I was with Messi’s dad there; received a call and left the place”, confessed the Paleta Esqueda.

In appearance the Chupa Chups brand contacted the Messi’s dad for offer you make a commercial, which apparently would take a few seconds. This man I would have called Lio to tell him about the project but he refused Given the ‘I was tired’.

came in, came back and they ask him ‘all good?’it says ‘yes, they talked about Chupa Chupsfor a video of messi And that they gave 1 million dollars but said no, that I was tired. I was like this give me a bag of popsicles and I’ll go. I was there that day, I heard it live and I said, it can’t be true. With 3 bags I accept wey”recalled the Paleta Esqueda.

In the same way at the table they wondered how much will Bimbo have paid him to make your commercialWell, as we will remember, he made some appearances where they “made fun” of not growing. This anecdote of Left Palette It will remain for the memory.

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