Caín Velásquez TODAY: the latest on the charges and possible sentence

In case of Cain Velasquez before the American justice looks increasingly complicated for the former champion of the UFC. And it is that after facing his first audience this Wednesday by shoot a firearm at a subjectthe Mexican-American was notified that he has ten charges against himwhich would imply that could spend decades in prisonaccording to the TMZ Sports portal.

Reportable cousins ​​reveal that Caín Velásquez shot a man 43 years old called Harry Goulartebecause he intended to take justice into his own handsince the subject mentioned would have sexually abused a relative of the expellera situation that even cost him his arrest last week, but days later he was released by the authorities.

This situation caused 10 charges were filed against Velászquezwhich include iattempted first degree murderas well as multiple counts of assault with a deadly weapon and firing into a vehicle busy motorized, among others; so to be condemned, “Cain Faces Decades in Prison”details the portal.

Reveal details of the aggression of Caín Velásquez

TMZ Sports revealed how did the incidents occur in which he was involved Cain Velasquez last Monday, March 28, where everything would have started when the former UFC followed Harry Goularte in his vehicle (Ford F-250) (alleged sexual aggressor), who was accompanied in a car (Chevy Silverado) by his mother and stepfather.

The authorities report that Caín Velásquez would have collided with his car the vehicle in which Goularte was travelingto later descend from his car and open fire on the alleged sexual aggressor of his relative.

Once the police were informed, the former WWE and AAA fighter left the placealthough he was later arrested on the highway, where did not resist arrest.

Police found in the car Cain Velasquez a 40-caliber semi-automatic pistol, as well as two 10-round magazines, and they indicated that 8 bullets in total were missing from the magazines.

That is how Cain Velásquez was arrested and now he must face justice, which continues with the investigations, which could culminate in a sentence of decades against the expeller of the UFC.

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