Atlético de San Luis vs Chivas: Goals, Summary and Videos

The Chivas they played with their horns in front, came from behind and rescued the 2-2 draw against Athletic Saint Louis.

Marcelo Michel Leano was saved from registering his fourth consecutive loss in the Closure 2022although its continuity is not assured, since Ricardo Pelaez I was very upset in the box Alfonso Lastras Stadium Ramirez.

In the first time, the Sacred Flock had a very bad time without Alexis Vegahis ’10’, his main engine, his most talented player and his benchmark in attack.

Jose Juan Macias he returned to the starting lineup due to the loss of Angel Zaldivarbut had a discreet participation, so they changed it to Paolo Yrizar.

In the first few minutes, Guadalajara they generated two dangerous plays and jumped inside the area, waiting for the referee to mark a penaltybut that didn’t happen.

At 21′, after a great individual move by John Murillo, German Berterame crashed the ball into louis olivesbut he ran with great luck, because he had the rebound and with his left leg he sent it to the bottom of the goal of Raul Gudino.

In the 42′, Ricardo Chavez took a corner kick Ramon Juarez He rose inside the area and with a forceful header he made it 2-0.

San Luis players celebrating Ramón Juárez's score

In the second half, the Chivas They looked much better, they had possession of the ball and they were more dynamic, so they managed to salvage a point against Athletic Saint Louis.

At 48′, Fernando Beltran they had confidence, took a powerful shot from three quarters of the field and surprised Marcelo Barovero.

In 68′, Jesus Angle He shot from outside the area and made the final 2-2, vindicating himself with the fans, after his poor performances against Lion and Puebla.

The rear commanded by Hiram Wed and louis olives They made several mistakes. German Berterame shook the nets again, but Cesar Arturo Ramos disallowed the goal due to advanced position.

Jesús Angulo celebrating a goal with Chivas against San Luis


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