Tampa Bay Buccaneers will not open the door for Tom Brady to go to another team if he decides to come out of retirement

Tampa Bay has the doors open for the legendary quarterback if he wants to play again but, as owners of his rights, they would not allow him to sign for another franchise if he returns.

INDIANAPOLIS — The head coach Bruce Ariesand the general manager Jason Licht of the Tampa Bay BuccaneersThey pointed out this Tuesday that they will leave the door open for a possible return of the quarterback Tom Bradywho will remain under contract despite retirement, as they prepare to move on without him this offseason.

“That door is never closed. Whenever Tom wants to return, will return. Yes Tom wants to come back, we will have enough money for him,” said arians before reporters at Talent Combine of the NFLadding that both keep in touch, the same as Brady with Licht.

“I think with a Tom BradyI personally never want to completely close that door,” said Licht. “Now, I have no information to suggest that he’s coming back. I’m very good friends with him. We talked, but we haven’t talked about it. I don’t want to put pressure on that now. But, it’s Tom Brady. If a Tom Brady want to come back, we will welcome you back.

arians expressed less optimism than Licht regarding a possible return, even though Brady He hasn’t closed the door publicly on a comeback, and even discussed on his Sirius XM podcast, “Let’s Go!”, the reasons for his retirement: primarily, to spend more time with his family.

“He slammed the door when I talked to him,” she said. arians laughing. “I think a lot of those guys, they just like their name out there.”

arians admitted that he was surprised when Brady announced his retirement, despite reports suggesting it might happen.

“Every time I met him, he felt fantastic,” he revealed. arians. “I kept asking him, ‘How are you feeling? How are you feeling?’ He said, ‘That’s the best I’ve felt in 10 years.’ myself that he would come back. Then when we talked, I understood everything.”

did you see it coming Lichtwho knew Brady in 2002 when he was the assistant director of personnel for the New England Patriots?

“When I signed Tom two years ago, none of us knew how long it would be,” shared Licht. “If it was a year, two years. I was hoping it would be until I was 50. But, no one really knew. So, not totally a surprise when he’s the type to evaluate everything. He keeps evaluating everything. He literally said goodbye at the top.” if, in fact, he stays retired. We always took advantage of it and never took it for granted.”

arians described his relationship with Brady as “fantastic” despite reports in recent weeks that some friction was beginning to build. arians he even joked that he intends to challenge Brady in golf.

“‘Hey, let’s play golf. If I kick your ass, you’ll come back!'” he laughed. arians. All jokes aside, Arians said yes Brady he comes out of retirement, they’re not going to make it easy for other teams to sign him. “No,” he sentenced arians. “Bad business”.

What Brady is under contract with the Buccaneersthey still own their rights, what happened at the time with the patriots and tight end Rob Gronkowski when he returned from retirement to meet with Brady. The Bucs they sent a fourth-round pick in exchange for Gronkowski and a seventh round in that transfer.

But, in this instance, it would mean massive draft capital. “First five rounds. Maybe,” he said. arians.

Don’t expect the other teams to help the Buccaneers, either. Although the team previously indicated it would seek to add a quarterback via free agency or the draft, the options are few. arians He said there are only two quarterbacks in free agency who Bucs they would consider signing, while there are eight under contract to other clubs, and he doesn’t see more than two of them potentially being traded because most teams don’t have a viable replacement in a year when supply doesn’t match demand.

“Swaps are out of the question, I think. You have to find a partner,” he said. arians. “These guys just aren’t willing to say, ‘Hey, do you want my player?’ Who’s behind the No. 2 door for them? I don’t see a lot of these guys getting traded. , types that we would believe could take us to the superbowl“.

The plan is to have four quarterbacks, and Kyle Traska second-round pick from last year, will have a chance to compete for the starting job despite not seeing regular-season action last year, with Blaine Gabbert entering when Brady He left the 2021 games.

Kyle You will have a great, great opportunity. I mean, she’s earned it,” reported arians. “I’m really, really impressed with the way he improved on the things that he needed when he was running the practice squad, his presence in the pocket, movement in the pocket — all those things that he taught him. Tom, lean a little more, be a little faster–, and he can throw. Now, it’s a question of, ‘Does he hand over the ball?’ Blainedoes he deliver the ball?

Might trash surprise people the way mac jones he did it with patriots last season as a rookie?

“I definitely think so,” he said. Licht. “I definitely think he has a chance. He’s shown all the signs that he’s heading in that direction with the way his intelligence, his ability to learn the offense, his work ethic, the way he absorbs information, and the way he He throws the ball. He’s changed his body a little bit. He’s surprisingly athletic out there, rather than coming off his senior year at Florida“.

arians said the organization would not object to bringing back James Winstonselected by Licht first overall in the 2015 NBA draft NFL before signing as a backup free agent with the New Orleans Saints in 2020. Winston he’s about to become a free agent again. Nevertheless, arians said, “I don’t think [que regresar a Tampa Bay] be the best for him.”

Another quarterback with whom the Bucs is deshaun watsonbut is currently facing sexual assault lawsuits from 22 different women. Licht declined to comment on Watson because his personal policy is not to discuss players under contracts with other teams, while arians He noted that it would have to be the owners who make that call.

“It would be strictly an organizational permit,” he admitted. arians. “I’ve known the guy for a long time. I’m surprised he’s in this situation. But, it would be organizational leave.”

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