‘Solari, an inflated’; Óscar Jiménez likes a controversial post and apologizes

Did the América players ‘make the bed’ for Santiago Solari? That is something that many fans wonder after the dismissal of the Argentineespecially when some miss a like in post where offend your DT; that’s what happened to the goalkeeper Oscar Jimenezwho had to apologize.

Solari was fired this wednesday morning after tie Come in America and Queretaro, so we are still waiting to find out who will take his place, but for now the controversy focuses on this player.

Jiménez likes where they called Solari inflated

In social networks a post went viral where they called inflated to Santiago Solari, something that is not ‘new’ but drew attention for a like that he received Oscar Jimenezgoalkeeper of America, showed his “support” for said publication.

the profile ‘Bullying Soccer’ published “Where are those who sucked Solari because “he is polite” or because “he is handsome”? THE MOST INFLATED TECHNICIAN IN THE HISTORY OF AMERICA” and Oscar Jimenez gave him a like.

After this, the profile bragged that the portero del América reacted to the publication and evidenced it in social networks, where in addition added that it was clear that the same soccer players ‘had made the bed’ for Solari.

Oscar Jimenezin appearance, received a lot of criticism and messages, so that had to come out to clarify this situation, asking for forgiveness, clarifying that he respects Santiago Solari and that “it was involuntary.”

“Through networks I find out that, unintentionally, I liked a post criticizing my DT. He was completely involuntary. It’s something I’ve never done and would never do, and I have nothing but admiration and respect for him and all his coaching staff. I have always given everything for the team and I will continue to do so no matter what as long as I am at this club, which is the most important club of my life. Greetings band and up to America“, wrote.

The reactions They were varied; there was who I support it but in the same way they criticized himensuring that the dressing room, not only Oscar Jimenezwere against Solari and that they managed to get him fired.

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