HH in Dynamo, the highest paid Mexican in MLS history – Ruben Rodriguez


The possible arrival of Hector Herrera to the MLS after passing through Atlético de Madrid and Porto, is strictly due to economic issues and not due to lack of opportunities in Europe, which he has also had and has contemplated together with the company that manages it.

If he signed his contract with Houston, he would become the highest paid Mexican in MLS history and one of the highest salaries in the current league, below two or three franchise players like Insigne.

The MLS is not angry about disclosing its contracts and salaries for transparency, so if this negotiation takes place, in a few months a salary of more than six million dollars will become official, which would make it an expensive and very productive for player quality. From a football point of view and on a personal level, it seems to me to be a setback in Herrera’s career, who seems to me to still have years to stay in the Old Continent and look for more opportunities in high-level competition.

Now, if it responds to a family and future issue, it is an ideal opportunity to ensure the lives of your children and grandchildren. It must be remembered that Herrera went to Portugal very young and has practically made his life in Europe, so what is offered by the MLS is a great opportunity to be closer to his family, in a league that has been made of figures to based on the quality of life they offer and the high salary, in order to strengthen and grow their soccer and the popularity of the sport in the United States, and especially their professional league ahead of the World Cup in 2026.

Herrera will be analyzing and finalizing this proposal, which has been on the table for two weeks and has been increasing with the passing of days and the player’s activity in recent days with Atlético de Madrid, added to the words of his current strategist , Cholo Simeone, who pointed out that he had been unfair to the performance and dedication of the Mexican midfielder.


Héctor Herrera, as well as several Mexican and world players, are in a fundamental year for their careers, being a World Cup player and being on the radar of the national team, so activity is essential every week to regain the level and stay active and in rhythm, so I do not doubt even at the time that before saying yes to Houston he has discussed it or is going to discuss it with the coach of the Mexican National Team, Gerardo Martino, who knows the league and is also the one who can lower or keep his thumbs up for the World Cup, and if so, with the historic salary he can receive in MLS, he would be practically finished. A theme that obeys a personal reason, quality of life and future, and then sports.


One month before playing the game against the United States, where with a victory and a combination of results the Mexican National Team would practically qualify for the World Cup in Qatar, Martino has no margin of error to clear the 2021 record against the United States, because the World Cup is on the table.

For this reason, the federations have arranged to open the doors of the Azteca Stadium, after its failed exercise with two thousand people, where the homophobic cry was heard, added to the repudiation of the fans towards the coach of the Mexican team, however, they return to trust their fans in search of causing pressure and exercising control over the United States National Team, so they plan that by opening the property by 50 percent, and with approximately 40 to 45 thousand people, the I clothe the Mexican team will help combat the nightmare of the last year for the Tricolor.

These tickets will be on sale for the fans in general in search of exemplary behavior and an extraordinary collective operation that gives the result they are so looking for to vindicate the team and can say goodbye to Azteca prior to the World Cup.


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