Héctor Herrera will play Houston Dynamo of the MLS

Mexican midfielder Hector Herrera would have a new adventure in his career, after two years in the Atletico Madrideverything seems to indicate that the national team will play in the Major League Soccerr (MLS).

According to the journalist Roman Fabriziothere is an agreement between the Houston Dynamo and Herrera, who would reach the MLS club, once the season with the “colchoneros” ends, the World Cup player with Mexico would sign until 2015.

Héctor Herrera’s GOAL | Mexico 3-0 Nigeria

Hector Herrera MLS target

In previous days, the mls announced a formal offer by the houston dynamo to hire Herrera, he also indicates that it would be a “big blow” for the league and for the city, due to the relationship it has with the Mexican inhabitants.

The aforementioned source points out that the club offers “HH” to be a franchise player, a position that would place him as one of the highest paid soccer players in the United States league, although there is nothing official, it is expected that this movement will be confirmed in the following days.

Herrera would be a great blow for the club and the fanssince Houston is a city with strong ties to Mexico”, said the reportYou may be interested:

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Houston Dynamo prepares the arrival of Herrera

The MLS box, finalized the departure of joe crown, in this way he managed to free up a place where he would fit

Hector Herrera
. If his departure from the Atletico Madrid To reach the MLS, the Mexican would close his participation in Europe, for now, playing only in two clubs. The last Aztec player who went through the Houston Dynamo was Erick el ‘Cubo’ Torres.

The 31-year-old player would wear his fourth shirt in his career, since he debuted with Pachuca, then made the leap to Port of Portugala club with which he won practically everything, in 2019, he reached

Atletico Madrid
with the “colchoneros” he had problems to consolidate and little by little he has earned a place in Diego Pablo Simeone’s team.

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