Canceled the start of the season due to lack of agreement with the Players Union

The commissioner of the MLB, Rob Manfred, announced the cancellation of the start of the regular season of the Big leaguesscheduled for March 31, after this Tuesday the owners and the Players Union they will not reach an agreement that would lift the work stoppage that exists in the American professional baseball league.

Manfreda key player in the negotiation process, affirmed that the responsibility for this cancellation lies with both parties, since they couldn’t reach a satisfactory agreement.

“The calendar will not give to play the first two series it’s from the season. are canceledManfred said.

The commissioner immediately signaled the suspension of the first week of the season and therefore the preseason gamesthis being the first time since the unemployment of 1995 that matches are canceled Big leaguesdue to a strike.

Major League Baseball fans demonstrating

The commissioner stressed that the canceled games will not be rescheduled and that the same will be deducted from salary of the players, as he had previously warned.

The chief executive of MLB noted that the owners were willing to accept a 12-team playoff systems, as well as adding a shot clock, among other measures that they considered fair in this negotiation process.

After nine days of uninterrupted discussionboth parties leave from this Tuesday the installations of Jupiter, meet again in the city of New Yorkalthough they did not specify the date for this new meeting.

Regarding the continuation of the negotiations, the commissioner indicated that now it’s time to regroup and determine what the next step will be.


Major League Baseball fans demonstrating

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