After criticism from America and Chivas, Brizio throws the ball at VAR

After America and Chivas will publicly express his inconvenience against the arbitral work being affected in different parties, Arturo Brizio president of the Referees Commission, stated that the mistakes what have affected the clubs have been because of the VAR, that he has not called the whistlers to review the plays.

“Here the most important issue is that so far this season have been committed six recognized mistakes by the Arbitration Commission and have gone straight to the result and that have to do with the PEGII issue, that is to say of the fundamental decisions that matter to VAR”, he said at a press conference.

“The trouble we face this season is that the six errors have been from the VAR, that is, the referees somehow have followed the protocols properly and the six errors have been played that the VAR should have sent them and did not send them or did not share the right decisions.”

To have a best use of VARthe Mexican Soccer Federation and the Referees Commission, contemplate a renewal from the deck of whistles in the VAR that they will be seeking certification, so that only active whistlers are the ones who use the tool.

Porr this is so important a job that we are going to do practically in a few days that is the VAR referee certification so that they are active referees who are doing this function and are much more advanced and in the play”.

In this tournament there have been plays a lot controversy As the poke from Alan Cervantes on the face of Alvaro Fidalgo; the penal what they did not mark Chivas against Leónas well as other situations that have gone to the bookmarks.

America and Chivas without retaliation

America and Chivas they have publicly expressed his annoyance for the arbitral work they have received during the Closure 2022 and they have done it through social networks, so Arturo Brizio, Chairman of the Referees Commission denied that there may be retaliation by the whistlers.

America complained through a letter issued on the Twitter account of its president Santiago Baths and Guadalajara on the official club account from the same social network.

“The referee is accustomed to criticism. They are professionals, and there is no thought of retaliation, or the possibility of vetoes. We have not detected that thought, nor will we allow it to pass”, he said at a press conference.

We are convinced what should it be cater to all clubs. We are attentive to what is said by the clubs, because they are the main clients of the arbitration service. We attend and understand that it can be discerned”.

Brizio detailed how was the visit of Ricardo Peláez to the Mexican Soccer Federation for speak with the about what happened in the last two games against Leon and Puebla, where the Flock was harmed.

We serve everyone who requests a meetingthere is nothing special because it is X or Y team. They have all been respectful and constructive. The pandemic cut off our dynamics to go to the clubs, there is nothing new ”.

Mexican arbitration with credibility

Even though the hissing of the Liga MX have been in the eye of the hurricane throughout the tournament and part of the past because of the decisions they have made, Arturo Brizio considered that he arbitration in Mexico continues to have a high percentage of credibility.

“Me I do not think so what the credibility of Mexican arbitration is in doubt And I also don’t see that there has been any kind of veil of doubt regarding the last champions in Mexico”.

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