They expose the sexualization of Halcones de Xalapa LNBP players

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A case of sexualization inside of the Halcones de Xalapa women’s team on the National Professional Basketball League (LNBP) was denounced by women journalists who are part of a media group in WhatsApp with him press officer of said institution, who would have requested to include photos of the new players posing in a bathing suit or in circumstances outside the sports field.

Through the internet, they were filtered some messages within that groupwhere Jair Garcia sent up to 10 images individual of some players, who mostly wear without their game uniform or doing some activity related to basketball or sports with the message: “if you can handle these photos”. Some images were stolen from their social networks where pose in a bathing suit.


Part of the members of said workspace, They did not take long to recriminate said requestasking that it be given more “seriousness” and that it be respected that “there are also women” within the group.

And are swimsuit photos of girls necessary? I didn’t know they were part of a beauty team. Give it more serious companions, we have women here and we are not going to publish these photos. We want photos with their uniforms or training or in another sporting circumstance please, ”says one of the messages.

“It is clear that they are not clear about what women’s sport is and that they only sexualize the branch. Instead of looking for these types of photographs, they should investigate the correct nicknames and their writing as well as where and who the athletes they present are from. terrible situation”, says another message from the group.


After the success that for years the LNBP In the men’s branch, a big step was taken by announcing the first women’s championship of this league, which has among its main figures the basketball player Paula Kobe Beltranwho in addition to being selected nationally, is considered one of the best in the discipline within our country.

Among some of the new players introduced as part of the falconsbased in the Gymnasium of the Veracruzana University, highlights the presence of Ana Karen Ramirez, Rosaura Guardiola and Kasandra Hernandez.

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