The controversy between Koke and Aristeo

The tension grows more every day in the lands and beaches of Exathlon: All Starbecause all the athletes seek to reach the Grand Final of our reality show.

With the departure of Heber Gallegos, both teams know that staying in the

most demanding on the planet requires more than performance.

As if that were not enough, the confrontations have not been long in coming, since Aristeo Cazares and Koke Warrior they continue to fight for the title of the most iconic champion of all time.

Recently, the Aguileon Cazares challenged Koke Guerrero to compete in one of the circuits, but the member of the blue team rejected him.

“I can be me, if you want,” he said. Aristeo Cazares wearing his gold jersey due to his great performance.

To the surprise of the red athlete, The Air Sorcerer He answered his rival with a rudeness.

“I’m sorry, Pato,” Koke said, choosing the Captain Araujo to compete in the circuit and despising his red rival.

The controversy did not end there, since Aristeo hinted that Koke did not compete with him for afraid.

“Apparently, Koke did not want to go against me,” said the champion of the second season.

However, in the Duel for Survival Aristeo used one of his privileges as Golden One, it is the repetition of a race, which did not help him, because Koke beat him twice and made it clear that “the faster he falls a talker than a lame”.

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The Beast questions the controversial attitude of Aristeo Cázares

Who apparently is not happy with the attitude he has shown Aristeo Cazares in the lands of Exatlón, it is David Juarez The beast.

The Yucatecan gymnast has criticized the comments of his red rival to Koke Guerrero.

“Aristeo is like a braggart,” he said The beast to the cameras of Exatlón.

Exathlon: All Star It is the edition that brings together finalists and champions from other seasons, so rivalries are the order of the day.

Aristeo Cázares won the second season against Pato Araujo, while Koke Guerrero defeated David Juárez The beast on Exathlon: Guardians vs Conquerors.

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