Ronaldinho requested 30 thousand pesos from Querétaro; He didn’t know banks!

The Ronaldinho’s visit to Mexico hides endless interesting stories, since it was not only revealed that Querétaro signed him thanks to a few beers, but now it came to light how naive R10 was, well to the roosters came to them ask for 30 thousand pesos given that I had never been to a bankMaybe you didn’t even know them.

On 2014 the MX League saw, perhaps, most emblematic player in world soccer who has played in Mexico, so seeing him every weekend with Gallos was ‘magical’, despite the fact that Ronaldinho it didn’t used to work without his brother.

Ronaldinho and the loan he requested from Querétaro

In a chat with ‘Tikitaka’, the Titus Villaformer player of Queretaro back then, he counted some very interesting stories with Ronaldinho, where he highlighted one with the club Accountant, where he relates that the Brazilian went to ask the club for a loan because his brother had left the country.

His brother had gone on a trip To united states. He needed 30 thousand pesos, goes to the accountant and tells him ‘hey count, you won’t have 30 thousand pesos to lend me, is that my brother left urgently and did not leave me money’. The accountant tells him ‘well yes RonaldI have no problem, but yesif you want i can take you to the bankof which you are the face, and there you have your account, you can take what you want’. Dinho tells him ‘How little can I take out?’”, recalled Tito.

Emanuel Villa was very surprised how naive i was Ronaldinho and he also understood something of what life was like for a player of his stature, because his brother always handled his money and it totally depended on him, something that at 35 years old, in those years, was incredible.

The story is funny but talk about a major ignorance. The type at 35 years old he did not know he could go to the bank and get his moneythat is, he was always very managed by his brother, it was ‘how much do you need’, ‘1 million pesos’, ‘well take it’. We didn’t even ask for a credit card, because imagine, I didn’t know what a bank was. It is an anecdote that marked me with himl”, said Tito Villa.

They finally talked about ‘advantages’ that it got Ronaldinho in your life and how money was not so necessaryWell, if I went to a restaurant or anywhere, they gave him a lot of things for freebecause with a photo it was enough for the owners to be happy.

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