Querétaro convinced Ronaldinho to come to Liga MX with beers!

On September 2014, Mexico received one of the most shocking news that have occurred in the MX Leagueand it is that the QUeretaro signed Ronaldinho, Ballon d’Or winner and Barcelona legend. Many will believe that they convinced him with millions of dollars but it is not entirely true, since the main factor was some beers.

It’s known that Ronaldinho is party animal at heart although also a professional, because on the pitch, whether with a club or a national team, always played at the highest level and wasted magic, so seeing him in Liga MX was something epic.

Ronaldinho chose Querétaro for a few beers

In an interview he gave Joaquin Beltran to ‘Tikitaka’, remembering that it was Roosters sports directorrevealed how the signing of R10, well apparently at that time he had offers very attractive from The Spanish League, England and the MLS.

The Cap Beltran reports that previous to what they name it as director of Queretaro, they looked for a world-class star for the club and there were very interesting options, but they opted for Ronaldinho.

“They ask us for a list of players who could arrive. Kaka was there we talked to him because he was in Orlandothe boy towersthat we followed up on him but we are no longer looking for him and there was Ronaldinho. They contact Roberto, Ronaldinho’s brotherand tells us ‘we have 4 very attractive offersIf you don’t come to São Paulo tomorrow, there’s no way”, recalled Beltrán.

already in Brazilthe roosters board i thought iit was going to be very difficult for him to acceptbecause his economic offer was the least attractive, but they insisted to convince him.

“We were in São Paulo and Ronaldinho’s brother says ‘well if you are interested see you tomorrow at my house‘, so we go to Rio de Janeiro. He arrives and there was a party at his house. He passes, they give him two three chelas, they go to a private, Arturo tells him about the project and Dinho He talks to his brother… ‘we are going to Mexico‘. He couldn’t believe it, because it was the lowest offer,” she commented.

Between the offers they were clubs from Spain, MLS and one English from the Championship, Besides of Queretarobut the reason that Ronaldinho will agree to go to Mexico was that the Gallos directors had a few beers with him, something that was not common in their negotiations.

“The argument by Ronaldinho was that it was the first time that the president of a club comes to my house, invites me to a project, he takes some chelas with me and so we are going to queretaro. We took him photos of the stadium, we gave him a presentation and he liked it; this is how it arrives”, sentenced Capi Beltrán.

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