Potapova, Svitolina’s next rival, launches her response

In the last hours, Elina Svitolin made her position on the Russia-Ukraine war very clear by declaring that she will not be facing any Russian or Belarusian players. Given the silence of the ATP, WTA and ITF, the Ukrainian tennis player decided to take a position, being fully aware that, as if that were not enough, her rival in the first round of the WTA Monterrey 2022 is a player from the country of Vladimir Putin. Anastasia Potapova He did not take long to pronounce himself before the órdago launched by Elina, responding to the Ukrainian and also making it quite clear that at no time does he want there to be a war in the world, although his message is clear: he thinks he should play, although he does not mention Putin or Russia in no time.

“As a rule, even during our childhood we choose our own path for growth. Even when I was a child I dreamed of playing tennis, without choosing the match, the country or a partner. It is difficult to explain to people in politics that for me there is no rival from one country, I am fighting for the victory, for my best game, for my results. Unfortunately, now, as professional athletes, we are becoming hostages of the current situation. Playing tennis is our choice and our dream , for which we train daily and for which we constantly try to be better. I’m sorry, but although I am a complete stranger to politics, I am against pain, tears and war. Peace unites the world, and all The world should be human inside her. And the children should keep dreaming.”.

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