Fortnite: Naomi Osaka will have her skin in the Epic Games Battle Royale

This week Epic Games announced a new collaboration with a personality for Fortniteand it is nothing less than the tennis player Naomi Osaka. This world champion is also known for being an activist, fashion designer, entrepreneur and even a gamer.

Fortnite: Naomi Osaka will have her skin in the Epic Games Battle Royale

Osaka will be part of the line known as Idol Series of this battle royalesame of which other sports aces have been part, such as Lebron James.

What will be available for the game? Well, two outfits, the first of which is called Naomi Osaka and the second is Naomi Dark Priestess.

Both will be available in the item shop from 6:00 pm Mexico City time on Thursday, March 3. In the case of Argentina it will be three hours later. A curious detail about the design of these skins is that they are a contribution from the sister of this tennis player. That is, from Mari Osakawho wanted that Naomi could express his multifaceted personality through them. But it’s not the only thing that will come to Fortnite related to this athlete.

As of March 2, the Naomi Osaka Cup. The best players in each region will be able to unlock skins and associated gear before they leave, such as pickaxes, backpacks, and even spray. So it’s a matter of sheer skill.

Fortnite: Naomi Osaka will have her skin in the Epic Games Battle Royale

You’ll soon be able to see what Naomi Osaka’s outfits look like in action in Fortnite

These appearances of Naomi Osaka will be shown in action in advance in a broadcast via Twitter where she will participate with the youtuber berleezy. It will be held starting at 6:00 pm on March 1st.

But the promotion of this content will go beyond the virtual world, since on January 28 a mural will be unveiled where these outfits of Osakawhich will be located in West Hollywood, Los Angeles, California.

and what does it say Naomi Osaka of his arrival at the game? Well, this tennis player commented ‘He’s been playing Fortnite for a long time – so when I saw that Lebron had joined the Idol Series, I wanted to be a part of the family too.’.

To the above, he added ‘it’s really amazing to connect with so many people all over the world‘. Nate NanzerGlobal Vice President of Partnerships at Epic Gameshighlighted that Osaka She is the first female athlete in the Idol Series of this title.

But he especially highlighted ‘just as Fortnite is more than a game, Naomi is much more than an athlete’. We will see how its content is received by the players.


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