Cuauhtémoc Blanco’s coup was a caress: David Faitelson

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After 19 years of the memorable blow that Cuauhtémoc Blanco dealt to the journalist David Fatelson in the Pirata Fuente Stadium, still there are details to tell about that eventsome of which the journalist curiously brought to light in a boxing talk.

The member of the ESPN network recalled every step he took that March 9 in a match between Veracruz and América, when his nose told him there could be trouble in the locker roomwithout thinking that would end up being the main protagonist of a story that today is a topic of conversation.

Damián Grosso went down very fast to the locker room to change his studs because he was afraid of slipping, because I was going to go to the locker room area, to the hallway, to confront Cuauhtémoc there. I tell him (to the cameraman) follow Grosso, there are going to be blows’. He put on his tennis shoes, Cuauhtémoc had entered the locker room, when suddenly i feel the blow“, he recalled in the podcast One More Round.

Forceful, Faitelson pointed out, however, that Cuauh’s blow “was a caress compared to other blows he has received”many of which were given to him by Julio César Chávez, who during his boxing career surrounded himself with people of dubious reputation, whom he used to criticize.

“I remember that when I arrived at the airport, I brought that story from the 80s that Ángel Gutiérrez, a man of dubious quality or ability, was behind Chávez’s careerand Julio told me ‘come here, don’t say that, don’t get into trouble’, and I answered ‘it’s a reality, what does a guy like that have to do in your corner?’ He came and yelled at me ‘Shut up, fat boy!’ and he would put some right hands to my stomach, some hooks, and I said ‘hey, you took the air out of me’. Meanwhile she made me all red.

Another great memory next to the Cuauh

While acknowledging that Blanco was a “born competitor, wonderful player and worthy of admiration”Faitelson pointed out the demons that haunted his head and that originated when he became a character that represented the interests of America and therefore of Televisa.

They hit him a lot at the ‘Ventaneando’ levelfrom show business, but I think sometimes I didn’t understand it. It implied that what Paty Chapoy said or what Pedrito Sola said, we also said. But what did I care what she did on her nights, how old she was, “said the communicator.

He recalled that the Veracruz coup It was one more of Cuauh’s constant outbursts against himwithout forgetting an episode in Ciudad Universitaria where he asked to take a corner kick just to insult him in the middle of the game.

“I was sitting on a corner kick because I was going to make a flush, and there was a corner kick, he sees me sitting there, he tells Germán Villa and says ‘I take the corner kick’, and there goes the bastard! He put the ball and tells me ‘fucking pig’, I turn to see him and add ‘you and that filthy dwarf are attacking me’I tell him ‘it’s a corner kick, your teammates are waiting for you'”.

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