Avilés Hurtado: his beginning and the death of his father

After the difficult step through Montereywhere he is remembered for missing a penalty in the Final they lost to tigers at Opening 2017, Aviles Hurtado live a second wind with Pachuca, a team that brought him to Mexican soccer in December 2012 and with whom he is currently fighting for the first places in Clausura 2022.

With 34 years and an experience of nine seasons in the MX Leaguethe Colombian striker spoke in an interview with Mediotiempo about the beginning of his career, the inspiration that his father meant to dedicate himself to soccer and the spectacular Chilean goals he has scored with Jaguares, Xolos, scratched and the Tuzos.

“The truth that it was hard (beginning of the race), but nice because although not everyone finds things easy, for me personally it hit me very hard, the things that I have earned I have earned by hand and worked extra. That makes me value everything I have, ”she said via video call.

“There were several factors, first the death of my dad when it was just starting. I was 18 or 19 years old and I was about to achieve something important and that hit me hard. It gave me strength and I was able to get out of that pothole. That was the hardest moment of my careerin addition to being rejected by various parties and I never lost faith, I never gave up.

And it is for the day of his father’s death that Avilés, as a tribute, usually wears the number 18 on his shirts, in addition to the fact that all his goals have special dedication for the person who instilled in him the love for football.

“When I got here to Pachuca I couldn’t get the shirt 18 because he died on the 18th and in honor of him I wear that number, and when I score a goal I kneel, I thank God and him who gives me the strength to keep going”, he commented.

His dream was to see me play soccer and being in the National Team, and when I got to the National Team he gave me a lot of nostalgia because it was his dream, and well, I knew that from above he is proud of me”.


Against Necaxa on Matchday 4, the Colombian scored the third goal in the victory of the Tuzos and he did it with a Chilean shot, which he has used to score four spectacular goals during his time in the MX League. This is a resource you prefer to use because he is not considered a good header finisher.

“It is natural that they leave me, I have always liked. I’m not very good at head, so if that opportunity presents itself to me (the Chilean) I immediately have to do it because it comes out with more force. When we play tennis-ball I throw it a lot and based on that we practice. When I see the ball up at no time do I think about it and the Chilean goes, ”he said.

“When I throw the Chileanthe chalaca or whatever you want to call it, I don’t pay attention to how I entered, I try to get it to enter the goalkeeper’s side and not be able to reach it, when I see it in the replay they are really nice goals”.

The Tuzos will play their match on Date 8 of the double day this Wednesday when visiting the champion Atlas, while the other teams start activity this Tuesday with the Toluca vs. Xolos, Puebla vs. Juarez, Leon vs. scratched, America vs. Queretaro and Mazatlan vs. Necaxa.

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