Abramovich would seek peace between Russia and the Ukraine; he would intercede with Putin

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Some days ago Roman Abramovich, owner of Chelsea, announced that he was leaving his position at the club and transferring the rights to the directors of his charity; Today the world is surprised by the news that this man would be mediator between Ukraine and Russia to end the war.

It is speculated that TObramovich resigned from office at Chelsea due to pressure from managers and investors for the close relationship he has with Vladimir Putin, but now that very fact would be ‘taken advantage of’ by Ukraine to bring the peace with Russia.

Ukraine would have contacted Abrammovich to be a mediator

According to international media such as ‘The Jerusalem Post’, it is said that the ukrainian government would have made a call to the owner of the Chelsea for it to become a peace broker between his nation and Russia.

It is known that the Russian businessman have links strong with Vladimir Putin and maybe i can intercede for them in negotiations in search of peace. A Russian spokesman would have confirmed that Roman will be in the middle of both nations and that could play a decisive role.

“I can confirm that the Ukrainian side has tried find someone in Russia willing to help them negotiate peace. They have a relationship with him through the Jewish community and have asked him for help. Although heAbramovich’s influence is limited, he is the only one who has responded to their requests for help,” he said.

Reports indicate that Abramovich already I would be in Belarusmeeting point for peace negotiations, in talks to try to end this war, even though the data could not be corroborated.

The Vladimir Putin’s troops have mobilized for various strategic points of Ukraine, the main point is their capital, and it is hoped that before the attacks continue their march they can reach a agreement that benefits both parties.


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