what else appears in the Credit Bureau

It is not only due to a delay in the payment of the monthly installments of yours Credit cards or for a loan personal that you can end with a record credit negative in your Credit bureaubecause other financial products that you acquire and that you can sometimes overlook also leave their trace in that registry, lowering the punctuation from your score if you have difficulties in taking care of those commitments.

when you check your Special Credit Report You can see all the financing that is part of your history in the Bureau, where both the credits in which you have a good payment behavior and those where for different reasons you could have Payments out of time.

But among the financing that appears in the credit bureau register, other products are reflected that range from mortgages until department cards, credits automotivefrom payroll And till businessbut also the plans telephony or cable television.

If you requested a loan to finance the purchase of a car or to invest in a business, and even when an emergency forced you to request a loan bankingall those concepts granted by credit institutions or companies will become a debt that will appear in the Credit Bureau, as well as the behavior that you exhibit when making payments – be they punctual or if you go over the agreed dates originally.

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All this data goes to the credit bureau and if you are a responsible debtor who is always up to date and without worries about having the resources allocated in your budget under control, your correct behavior will be recorded to demonstrate that, when lending you money you are someone trustworthy.

Each of these debts counts, and if you make it clear in your history that every time you ask for a loan the creditor receives his monthly payments in due form and had no problem recovering his moneyyou will be more likely to be reauthorized for a new financingand even cheaper – with interest rates reduced, by compensating with your own background for the risk involved in crediting a new user- or with a higher line of credit given that you have more than demonstrated that you are reliable.

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The Credit Bureau database is renewed over time, and thus correcting a history with records of past delays due to impeccable behavior in each new loan will gradually allow only positive records to be visible, as the previous ones are replaced. problems that you may have gone through, renewing as follows:

  • Debts of up to 25 UDIS (about 113 pesos) are cleared after a year.
  • Debts of up to 500 UDIS (about 2,600 pesos) are erased after two years.
  • Debts of up to 1 thousand UDIS (about 4 thousand 250 pesos) are erased after four years.

So you have good reasons to solve your debt problems, and request only the credits that you can take care of, so that a favorable history always appears and new opportunities open up so that you can fulfill your financial goals.

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