Jaime Ordiales and Juan Reynoso met at La Noria and smoothed things over for the good of Cruz Azul

Both protagonists have been the subject of speculation due to their bad relationships and there was even talk of the coach’s departure.

Ordiales and Reynoso have a rough relationship
© picture 7Ordiales and Reynoso have a rough relationship

Everything seems to sail ‘sailwind’ through the waters of Blue Cross. The team has been solid both in MX League like in Conchampionsthe reinforcements are offering a performance as expected, and in the offices the initial problems caused by the return of Jaime Ordiales seem to have been solved.

And it is that the return of the manager ‘team billy’ produced a kind of earthquake in the estates of La Noria. Jesús Corona came out on behalf of the campus and stated that he wanted a private meeting with Ordiales, in addition, the press began to speculate about the resignation of John Reynosoa coach who does not have good friends with Jaime.

However, all this seems to have been ‘shelved’… for the good of the team. According to information from reporter Adrián Esparza Oteo, on Tuesday of the previous week there was a meeting in which all the points were left clear and in which each one of those present left with a good face.

“This week was very good for Cruz Azul, not only because of the results, but also because of the off-court theme. On Tuesday there was a meeting between the cooperative, board, coaching staff and team leaders, they tell me it was very helpful and the atmosphere is much better now‼️ The addition of someone else to the board is not contemplated at this time. The waters calmed down at La Noria. Total confidence of the cooperative in Ordiales.”wrote the communicator on his Twitter account.

double in sight

This closes a chapter that had the entire cement community in suspense, where there were not a few who foreshadowed the departure of the Peruvian technician due to his bad relations with Jaime Ordiales. In addition, with the issue resolved, Cruz Azul will not have any off-field distractions that divert their sights from the objective of the semester: the double.

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