Diego Armando Maradona rejected Vladimir Putin’s invitation: ‘Reputin del orto’

Diego Armando Maradona It was always a reference and iconic of the soccer world, capturing the spotlight of both the fans, as well as the field politician. The Argentine player for many years ‘object of desire’ for popes, presidents, dictators, spiritual leaders, among others.

Vladimir Putin tried to meet with ‘The fuzz‘ in Moscow, during the world of Russia 2018, however, the former captain of the Argentine National Team turned down the invitation because it was too early, and even had the audacity to call him”ortho reputin“.

“No, no, no. Everything about Putin is very good, everything is very nice, I want to meet him, I want to talk to him. I’ve already done two or three essays of… ‘hello, Putin’, what are you doing Putin ?’, ‘Sos re-putin’, ‘reputin del orto’. But I have to get up at half past nine. And I don’t get up at half past nine, I don’t get up, “he mentioned.

This is because the Russian head of state sent him to Diego guidelines for conducting the meeting. The established schedule was not to his liking.

Vladimir Putin with Diego Armando Maradona and Pelé

“It hurts my soul because everyone is going to be there… and who is ‘the beast’ going to ask about? For me. He’s not going to ask about (Carles) Puyol, don’t fuck with me. But it’s a very early appointment What did he do? He should have had a cocktail party in the afternoon, after his activities. And so…of course he was going to wear a suit. But not like this. I thank Putin…but I’m not going tomorrow. It’s decided,” he added.

The meeting between Vladimir Putin and Diego Armando Maradona it could be specified; but finally they were under the conditions of the Argentine.

Vladimir Putin with Diego Armando Maradona and Jorge Campos


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