Women’s MX League. Chivas Femenil signs Guatemalan national team

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Although the tournament Closure 2022 of the Women’s MX League It is already on Day 8, Women’s Chivas continues to strengthen to better face the remainder of the tournament, so this Saturday, the rojiblanco team made the signing of Leslie Ramírez officialfront of the Guatemalan team.

Through their social networks, the Guadalajara team welcomed the 26-year-old player who was born in Los AngelesCalifornia, but that has Mexican descent.

“As of today, Leslie Ramírez is part of the rojiblanco team, for which his arrival will strengthen the offensive scheme of the team commanded by Juan Pablo Alfaro in search of continuing as a protagonist and contender in the Liga MX Femenil”, detailed the club.

Why can Leslie Ramírez play with Chivas Femenil?

In the same statement, Chivas female highlighted that Leslie Ramírez has “3 nationalitiesbecause his father is mexicanoriginally from San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato; her mother is guatemalana native of Guatemala City, and Leslie was born in Los AngelesCalifornia.”

Given this reason, the Guadalajara club emphasized that its new player can be part of the team because “She is Mexican by birth according to the Political Constitution of Mexico.”

The club also reported that although Leslie is part of Chivas, the institution “He will not ask you to give up” his right to play for the Guatemalan national teambecause it is no longer an impediment that Guadalajara soccer players who have two or more nationals are selected from another national team that is not Mexico.

Characteristics of Leslie Ramirez

The new player Sacred Flock “is a dfront who knows how to take advantage of his physical strength to play and move a lot with his back to the goal”, in addition to being a footballer who “He is skilled with both profiles and usually finds the best position to generate danger in the rival area”. Thanks to his qualities can also play as offensive midfielder and work on the midfield.

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