‘Not even in a neutral field’; Czech Republic will not play Repechage against Russia

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Although still there is no official positionit seems that Russia not meant to play the Qatar World Cup 2022, because not only has France asked to be excluded from the competition, but now Czech Republic joined Poland and Sweden confirming that they will not play the UEFA Repechage.

Pavel Nedved, historical Czech player, had asked players and managers not play the Repechagedue to the delicate situation with Ukraine, and this day everything has been confirmed, because Czech Republic announced that they will not play against Russia either in their stadium or on neutral ground.

Czech Republic speaks out against Russia

Through a statement on their Twitter account, czech stated their position and they decreed that they will not confront Russia at Repechage Course to Qatar 2022, so they hope that both the UEFA as the FIFA make a decision about.

The executive committee of the Czech Federationstaff members and players of the national team, agreed that it is not possible to play against russian team in the current situation, not even in a neutral stadium“, it reads.

Czech Republic base your decision by Actions of the president of Russia Vladimir Putin, who started a war against Ukraine and who fail, so he also hopes that this war will end now.

“We all want the war to end as soon as possible”they close in their statement.

The UEFA Repechage

Russia is located in the Route B within this playoff for a ticket to Qatar 2022where he March 24 should be measured against Polanda selection that was the first to express its refusal to face them.

To win, the 29 of that month they would play against winner of the intersection between Czech Republic and Swedenbut with these 3 sets determined not to face RussiaIt is not known if they will be excluded or the ticket to Qatar 2022 will be given to them.

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