Insecurity in NL comes to Roblox with the city of Monterrey

The unsafety at New Lion and in its surroundings, it has given something to talk about, so much so that crime has been a reason for various platforms to manage and create game modes.

Such is the case of the renowned and famous game known as Robloxa multiplatform online game, for computers and operating systems such as Android and iOS.

With a large number and game modes, Roblox gives you endless options to enjoy large amounts of virtual worlds, either in the sports field, fantasy, or even real life, such is the case of a way in which you can perform in the role you want, all focused on insecurity in the city ​​of Monterrey.

In the Roblox universe, the city is turned into a battlefield, where almost in any corner of the map, the army, police and national guard They fight crime hand in hand with various cartels and criminal groups.

The participants, that is, each player connected online, can choose the role they wish to play, whether as a soldier, police officer, member of the national guard, drug trafficker, taxi driver, lifeguard and even a reporter, interacting with each of the players on the server.

This game has captured the attention of children and adolescents, since the creative mode and its closeness to real life could be what makes this game very attractive and popular.


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