I laughed my ass off when Leaño told me it would be DT: Piojo Herrera

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Perhaps few people know that prior to being rivals on the MX Leaguethe Louse Herrera and Michel Leaño worked together in the tecoswhere Michael It was him technical director and Marcelo part of his staff; today they hold the reins of the Tigres and Chivas, respectively.

Louse Herrera esteem a lot to Leano for the time they shared in the tecosbut has a very special anecdotebecause the coach of the Tigers ‘shit laughing’ when your friend told him that he wanted to be on the bench of a teamsince at that time I did not see it possible.

Leaño was teased by Piojo Herrera

Speaking on the ‘Mother Soccer’ podcast, Miguel Herrera recalled that in his stage within the tecoswhich occurred between 2008 and 2010, Leaño was part of your staff and always had a good relationship, although He never imagined that he wanted to make the leap to the bench.

on one occasion Today’s Chivas coach approached Piojo and confessed his sleepwhich would lead to ’emulate his footsteps’ but instead of causing pride in Herrera, what caused him was laughter.

“A day between joke and joke approached and He told me: ‘hey Miguel, I’m going to be a soccer coach’. I sincerely I laughed my ass off“, revealed Piojo Herrera.

Michel Leano He was preparing for years and occupying various positions before taking the step to become a coach in the MX League, well it was Sports Director of Chivas, Sports Advisor of Mérida and Leones Negros and it was until 2015 who occupied the main charge in a club

firewood He came in 2016 To be deer technicianon 2017 went to Zacatepecon 2018 reached the ranks of Necaxa and then he would occupy the bench of the Chivas. All this route was achieved despite the taunts of Piojo Herrera.

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