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One of the first collateral victims in the war between Russia and Ukraine has to do with the consumption of Russian vodka, as various commercial entities in the world begin to withdraw this product from the shelves.

In various parts of the planet they begin to provide support to Ukraine, in the midst of the Russian invasion decreed by President Vladimir Putin.

For example, the Nova Scotia Alcoholic Beverage Commission in Canada pulled vodka and all Russian-made products from its shelves Friday afternoon and instructed its digital staff to remove them from its site. Web.

Given the terrible events taking place in Ukraine, we have decided to remove all products that are made in Russia from our shelves,” NSLC spokeswoman Beverley Ware said in an emailed statement. They include Russian Standard in the 750ml and 1140ml sizes and Russian Standard Gold in 750ml.

The Ontario government has also ordered liquor stores to remove all Russian-origin vodkas, after facing pressure from the community.

And the logic is simple: what is more Russian than vodka, and what would be more insulting to Vladimir Putin than boycotting his signature liquor?

Also in the United States, some bars and liquor stores are emptying their windows of Russian vodka, as a sign of support for Ukraine, and boycotts are spreading rapidly.

However, with the size of the international spirits industry, it is difficult to find a Russian vodka that is not, at least partially, owned by someone in another country. For example, Stolichnaya and Smirnoff, which have their roots in Russia, are now owned by companies based in Europe.

Newfoundland and Labrador Liquor Corporation and Manitoba Liquor Mart reported on Twitter that they would also be recalling Russian products.

What is Russian vodka

It is a strong alcoholic beverage that is made with cereal (normally wheat or rye), potato, sugar cane or other fruits, and whose alcohol content is normally around 40%, although some can have more than 80% alcohol content. alcohol content. Its name comes from the word “voda”, which means “water”.

How is Russian vodka made?

Only in Russia vodka is produced from “living water”, spring water and not distilled, and the mixture is subsequently purified several times. In all other countries of the world vodka is produced from distilled water.

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