Shiba Inu goes up double digits! SHIB End of the crisis


The Russian invasion of Ukraine caused a collapse in almost all markets. Major indices were losing, as were cryptocurrencies. Today you can see the reflection. The cryptocurrency market is one of the most volatile and unpredictable, that is not new. The novelty may be how quickly it has recovered from the crisis related to Russia’s armed invasion of Ukraine.

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Yesterday we reported big drops, today the market information has turned around. Cryptocurrencies bring us rises of up to two digits, and among them, in addition to Bitcoin and Ethereum, we find the Shiba Inu. During the first day of the war in Ukraine, Bitcoin and Ethereum experienced huge drops.

Shiba Inu goes up double digits!  SHIB End of the crisis - 1

The Shiba Inu cryptocurrency is currently valued at about 0.00002465 dollars and continues to rise… We see that the last hours have been decisive for its rises of up to 13.64%, which does not mean that last week it has left traces of some falls of 14.02%. Among its most relevant data we must highlight its market volume of 2,458,024,929 dollars and the market capitalization of 13,587,507,501 dollars.

Shiba Inu goes up double digits!  SHIB End of the crisis - 2

Real-time chart of Shiba Inu cryptocurrency quotes over a one-day time frame

The case has changed dramatically today. Major cryptocurrencies have rallied strongly. Bitcoin has increased tremendously in the last 24 hours. Meme cryptocurrencies are also winning. There is a rebound in so-called memecoins, that is, cryptocurrencies that were created as a joke but have gained so much popularity that they have moved into the group of those that are taken seriously.

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