Santiago Solari’s América forgot about the homegrown players at Cl2022

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The best times of America club They have been conquered with players from the quarry and with foreigners who make the difference, but for this Closure 2022, Santiago Solari and the directive, they ‘forgot’ to register in the first team at footballers trained in their basic forces.

For this contest the America has registered 22 playersa template that is made up of 10 formerforeigners and 12 Mexicansof which only William Ochoa and Santiago Naveda have cream-blue blood.

Last season the Americanist institution had at least four players in his squad made in the bowels of the clubwell they were Sebastian Cordova and Anthony Lopezwho together with Ochoa and ship They were registered and active.

Memo Ochoa is the one with the most minutes, but its premiere was 18 years agowhile ship was debuted in the first team by Solariand after a long ankle fracture injury He begins to return to activity, but has only played two games.

For this tournament the America brought as reinforcement Jorge Mere in defense, Jonathan dos Santos and Diego Valdes in midfield and Juan Otero and Alexander Zendejas up front, who finally they end up ‘blocking’ the incursion of juveniles to the first team.

Although there are players who are sometimes considered to go to the bench for Santiago Solarisuch as Jorge Gómez, Emilio Lara, Karel Campos, Paolo Ríos, Mauricio Galván, Esteban Lozano, Christian Alvarado, Mauricio Reyes, Oswaldo Ríos and Olaf González, only Lara and Campos have had activity.

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