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In Russia, conduct that took place in the popular video game Minecraft It had repercussions in real life. This is the case of Nikita Uvarov, a 16-year-old who was sentenced by a military court to go to prison for allegedly blowing up a virtual building.

The young man was told that he had to comply five years in prison for “training for terrorist activities” since a building that was created by the FSB, Putin’s spy agency formerly known as the KGB, in the Soviet era, was supposed to explode.You can read: Payments and messages that disappear and more news in Messenger

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The 16-year-old will have to serve a 5-year sentence in a penal colony

On the other hand, there were two more defendants in this process, who were acquitted of criminal charges as they cooperated with investigatorssaid human rights lawyer Pavel Chikov, according to The Guardian.

The three teenagers were arrested in the Siberian city of Kansk for distributing pamphlets in support of a Moscow mathematician and anarchist activist who was on trial for hooliganism. Later, the police indicated that he checked his cell phones and found an exchange of information from plans to bomb said building.

In addition, the researchers say they found evidence that young people they were learning how to make improvised explosives and a plan to test their detonation in abandoned buildings.

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The main reason why Uvarov did not get a reduction in sentence was to maintain his innocence, unlike the other two involved, who pleaded guilty and then had their sentences suspended.

The main argument of the government to impose this sentence is that the video game was used as a virtual testing space for terrorist acts that they planned to execute in real way.

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