Exatlón México: Antonio Rosique reveals why the rivalry of Aristeo and Koke was born

Heliud Pulido yells to apply pressure: “He’s not wearing anything, he’s not wearing anything!” On the other side, Doris del Moral answers the blow of the words of her rival, so that they do not affect Koke Warriorthe champion of the fifth season who is in the crosshairs of Aristeo Cazaresanother monarch who has dedicated himself to making life impossible for El Hechicero in the edition All Stars of Exathlon Mexicoto shape a rivalry that spices up the competition and that Antonio Rosique celebrates.

The Highest Authority likes to see the exchange of messages, sports and verbal, that occurs between the Sky Brother and the young athlete from the blues, who are joined by Patricio Araujo and Heliud Pulido. It even intensifies the tension that exists between them to generate a bonus that, from his point of view, prints positive ingredients on reality.

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