Which Liga MX team does WWE wrestler John Cena ‘support’?

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inside the quadrilaterals John Cena It’s one of the most famous people and dearbecause it has not only conquered the WWE, but has become a legend. Despite his love of wrestling, the owner of the FU also likes to watch soccer and has even been seen ‘supporting’ yet club of the MX League.

For being one of the biggest WWE Stars, Few will believe John Cena is attentive at Liga MX actionsbut the reality is that the American peeler ‘does’ a great; Will it be a regional or capital? The fighter loves the K-Pop group BTS.

The Liga MX club that John Cena ‘supports’

A few years ago made viral a Photography from John Cena with the Liga MX club jerseywhich is ‘old’, so perhaps the postcard comes from the year 2010.

The T shirt what you have in your hands It is not that of America, Tigres or Chivas, but the WWE wrestler was caught with the shirt of Blue Cross, who in previous years lived moments of darkness by not being able to be champion of MX League but now that is forgotten.

The Photopresumably, corresponds to a function of WWE Raw in the United States, where fans mexicans who were in the arena asked the star of the ring showing off the Cruz Azul jerseysomething that perhaps did not seem entirely good for his expression.

Nevertheless, it is important to emphasize that John Cena is a soccer fan; maybe fan of Cruz Azul has not been pronounced nor seen in the stadium supporting them, but at least within the premier league he does have a team to which he is ‘loyal’.

In addition to Cruz Azul in the MX League, John Cena It has been seen wearing the Tottenham shirt, with the number 54 on the back, so if you are a follower of this great sports character, now you know a little more about him.

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