Ukrainian footballer calls Vladimir Putin: reincarnation of Hitler

Madrid Spain /

The Ukrainian player Fuenlabrada (second division of Spain), Roman Zozulyastated that the Russian president, Vladimir Putinis “a reincarnation of Hitler”after positioning himself behind the Russian invasion of your country and the events that occurred this Thursday.

The Russian Army has managed to shoot down four fighter jetsa helicopter and four unmanned aircraft belonging to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. At the same time, Russia has indicated that 83 land infrastructures have been destroyed or disabled.

Zozulya spoke through his official facebook account through a letter. “We have always been a bone in the throat of most of the great and powerful rulers. In various historical periods they have sought to subjugate us, starve us, persecute us and kill us. for the right to speak our language, express an opinion and seek independence,” he said.

“The more they squeezed us, the stronger we came out (…) We have always had a total rejection of their violence and control (…) We are a peaceful nation that has no plans to attack anyone. We have enough people and land, but we won’t give it to any crazy person”, assured the striker of the Fuenlabrada.

Zozulya also said that “the world must realize another truth, that Putin is a reincarnation of Hitler”. “And his plans are more ambitious than conquering Ukraine. Therefore, it is more important than ever that the world unite and impose economic sanctions on this cursed regime,” added the Ukrainian international.

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