They did not wait for the match with Pumas and the new coach of America would already be in Coapa

America's plan B if Santiago Solari fails to defeat Pumas
America’s plan B if Santiago Solari fails to defeat Pumas

It is almost a fact that Santiago Solari will not continue in Americaalthough everything depends on the result before Cougars, if he doesn’t show another face, it would only be prolonging the agony of the club. For this reason, the azulcrema directive would look for its plan B.

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Azcárraga no longer commands, the new owner of América and who prevents Solari from leaving

With the idea of ​​not speeding up the search for a new coach, if Santiago Solari leave office, Gilberto Adame It would remain on an interim basis until finding the new strategist who could arrive for the FIFA day.

The lack of communication between Santiago Solari and its players weakened the group and therefore, the results do not favor the Azulcrema team, which is in the last positions of the table.

Who is the best option for America?

Santiago Baños believes that he could bet on a proven coach in Liga MX, within the list would be Robert Siboldi, Nicolas Larcamon, and Guillermo Almada These last two could reach the end of the tournament as they have a current position in this Closing.

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They despised him in Cruz Azul, now he would get to lift America and for 40 million pesos

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