Poland, Sweden and the Czech Republic ask not to play the Playoffs of the Qualifiers in Russia

The federations of Poland, Sweden and the Czech Republic signed a document requesting that the playoff matches of the European Qualifiers for the Qatar 2022 World Cup not be played on Russian territorygiven the geopolitical situation in that area.

The three selections will dispute a ticket to the World Cup with Russia at the end of March they came together to request a change of venue from FIFA. Russia’s first rival will be Poland, on March 24. This clash should be played in Moscow.

“The signatories of this petition do not value traveling to Russia and playing matches there. The military escalation that we are observing has serious consequences and little security for our national teams”says the statement.

Sweden and the Czech Republic will play the other semi. Both winners will collide for one of the three remaining European quotas for the World Cup.

This Friday, UEFA could decide to change the venue for the UEFA Champions League final, held in Saint Petersburg in May.

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