LeBron James will be sued. The Lakers star in trouble?


The Los Angeles Lakers jersey 6 faces a situation following a tweet that will not be overlooked. Find out all the details below.

Lebron James
© Ronald Martinez | Getty ImagesLebron James

In addition to being a great play in the National Basketball Association (NBA), Lebron James He is known for expressing his feelings without any problem, whether on television or social networks, and precisely, a tweet could bring him problems in this regard.

the iKyle Rittenhouse Incident sparked controversy in the United States, as the 18-year-old shot two people during racial protests in Wisconsin on August 25, 2020. For this reason, he was accused of five counts, including intentional homicide, being absolved of each and every one.

After the blood incident, LeBron turned to his Twitter account to express himself about it. After learning of Rittenhouse’s innocence, it seems that he has plans to take legal action against James for his comments.

LeBron James in trouble

Drew Hernandez asked Kyle Rittenhouse what was your plan with LeBron Jamesthrough the debut episode of frontlines, as reported by The Daily Wire. The answer surprised everyone and comments immediately arose.

“You will also receive a letter, LeBron james will also receive a letter”asserted the young man, who went on to say: “Anyone who defamed me or lied about me, we’ll just send them a letter and then we’ll deal with them in court.”

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