Jürgen Damm and the controversies in his professional career

Atlanta United will start a new season in the MLS and will not have the services of the Mexican Jürgen Damm, whom they did not register and for which the player was left without a team

Jurgen Damm added another controversy to his professional career after the Atlanta United decided not to enroll him in the squad for the 2022 season and given this, the Mexican midfielder will have to find another option or stay without playing for the whole year.

On ESPN We present other controversies that the 29-year-old footballer has experienced, who decided to stay at the club and enforce his contract, which sought to be restructured by the team’s board of directors. mls.


In 2015, the Mexican midfielder gave something to talk about with his transfer from Pachuca to tigers, because he sought to obtain the commission that corresponded to him for said movement and that in Mexico the players did not seek to obtain for fear of reprisals.

The soccer player managed to obtain more than five million pesos from said negotiation between teams, since in principle the Tuzos refused to pay him. The player pointed out that if he did not get the proportional part of it, he would go to FIFA.


At the beginning of 2020 Jurgen Damm decided not to renew with the tigers. The player gave long to the board, which sought to renew it. However, Damm waited until the end of January to sign with Atlanta United of the mls and thereby leaving the tigers in order to renew it.

This infuriated the feline leadership, which decided to remove him from the calls and activities of the first team and sent him to train with the U20 team.

“I know that I am doing things right, that I simply told the board that I did not want to renew, I spoke up front, I was clear, but in Mexico we are not yet prepared for this type of decision, they ordered me to say that it was my decision. not renew,” said


the player of Tigers, Jurgen Dammwas arrested inside a roast chicken restaurant located on Gonzalitos Avenue in Monterrey.

Damm was traveling along Avenida Gonzalitoz in a van with tinted windows and no license plates, which is why he was arrested by a plainclothes policeman, a situation that caused the player to panic, leading him to get out of his vehicle to take cover. Minutes later the situation was clarified and the player was able to reiterate.


The soccer player suffered an accident with pyrotechnics during the celebration of a new year, for which he had to be taken to the hospital.

The athlete and former Mexican national team went to the hospital for first-degree burns on his face. The player was out of activity for two weeks due to this situation.


One of the first tastes that occurred Jurgen Damm upon arrival at mls was to buy a Lamborghini worth six million pesos. The footballer uploaded the image and titled it “Look mom and without knowing how to focus.” That provoked criticism from a sector of the fans and the press.

“It is a car that I have always dreamed of having since I was a child and thank God at this stage of my life I was able to get it, as many of you know, in the United States there are many payment facilities to have this type of car, so it was because that’s what I did,” he assured. Jurgen Damm.

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