What do Liga de Expansión MX clubs need to promote to Liga MX?

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The MX League passed the certification process for promotion to the First Division. The agency notified the 17 Clubs of the Liga de Expansión MX the requirements to participate in said process that allows the return of ascent system sports in Mexican soccer which could occur in the Opening 2023.

All directives received a document explaining in detail the paso to follow and the expiration dates to obtain the certification. The March 2 is the date for Clubs that wish to make changes to their name, venue and/or owner, notify the League and April 4 is the deadline to submit the required documentation and inform if they will participate in the certification process. It should be noted that this is the first time that they explain in detail what the requirements for promotion consist of.

The rules are clear for everyone and meet the requirements established by our General Assemblies. The Clubs themselves, through the evaluation of their institutional projects and the punctual fulfillment of the guidelines established by the assemblies, will be the ones who, on their own merits, obtain their certification”, he pointed out. Mikel Arriola, president of Liga MX.


  1. Affiliation File. The Club must be up to date with its membership file in accordance with the FMF Statute and the Membership, Name and Venue Regulations (RANS).
  2. Infrastructure Criteria. The Club must comply in its stadium with the minimum requirements regarding: playing field, lighting, changing rooms, boxes, health, medical and security services, and press. As well as training fields and Club House.
  3. Economic Control Criteria. The Cubes must comply with the objectives indicated in the Economic Control Guidelines. Specifically, financial statements, budgets and a letter of no debts will be evaluated.
  4. Institutional Structure. It must be proven that the Club has the institutional structure model that allows, through the distribution of areas and functions, to have a better corporate order.
  5. Guidelines for the Application of the Improvement Fund. Verify that the Clubs did not allocate more than 50% to the payment of sports payroll and that the rest was used for the operating expenses of the Club.
  6. Opinion of the external consultant. A consultant designated by LIGA MX will issue an opinion regarding the historical financial information and the Business Plan that each Club must submit to expose its growth project for 3 years.

Derived from the above, it is important to emphasize the followings agreements reached by the General Assemblies and that the Clubs were also notified in the official letter:

  • Clubs that submit a procedure for the following season (change of venue, replacement of affiliation, change of partners, change of name or any other procedure contemplated in the RANS) will not be able to participate to obtain the Certification.
  • They will not be able to participate to obtain the Certification, Clubs that have parties related to LIGA MX Clubs, affiliates or invited Clubs.
  • For sports promotion to the LIGA MX at the end of the 2022-2023 Season, there must be at least 4 Certified Clubs and one of these must be the champion of Champions of the LIGA Expansión MX.
  • Once the Club achieves the Certification, it maintains it definitively, losing it if it has debts, fails to comply with economic control or any other requirement of the applicable regulations.

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