The ‘war’ in the Los Angeles Lakers that would remove LeBron James from the team


According to NBA experts, the Los Angeles Lakers are in a conflict that could unleash a “war” that would remove LeBron James from the team.

LeBron James, NBA star
© Harry How/Getty ImagesLeBron James, NBA star

when it seemed that Los Angeles Lakers would have a break after NBA All-Star Game 2022 and would arrive with a renewed mentality to the second part of the season, a new scandal seems to knock on the door of the dressing room of Lebron James and company.

At the close of the trade deadline in the 2021-22 season, the Lakers made no move and in the world of NBA installed the version that Jeanie Buss, owner of the Los Angeles team, decided that LeBron and company fix the bad season of the franchise because they were the ones who decided to make up the roster.

In the Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James’s statements about a possible return to Cleveland Cavaliers, but that is not where the biggest conflict lies, because, according to Bill Oram, from The Athletic portal, ‘The king’ is about to go to a ‘war’ with the directors of the Californian team for the inability to strengthen the team.

Oram affirms that the power that LeBron has in the Lakers through his agency that manages athletes, KlutchSports (Sports), it’s such that they started putting pressure on Rob Pelinka, vice president of operations. The journalist’s report even compared the tension that exists in the Los Angeles team with the moments before the start of a ‘war’.

The ‘war’ in the Los Angeles Lakers that would remove LeBron James from the team

“The situation is so tense that a source close to the Lakers compared it to the early days of a war (…) Sources say that Pelinka has insisted internally that there are no hard feelings between the two sides, but even if it is, for now, a one-sided war, if they stand their ground and don’t give LeBron James everything he wants, has the potential to be received as a form of aggression, a battle tactic in its own right.” Bill Oram said.

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